Interpreting Law – The Role of Judges in Contemporary Democracies

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FLAJER-Interpreting-Law-The-Role-of-Judges-in-Contemporary-DemocraciesLegal interpretation has been one of the predominant topics in contemporary jurisprudence. Forma descriptive issues regarding the proper characterization of legal interpretation legal hermeneutics has shaped decades of theorizing about law in general, and legal reasoning and adjudication in particular. The topic of legal interpretation on the occasion of the Annual conference of the Serbian section of the IVR will be approached from the perspective of the role of the judge in contemporary democracies. Judicial interpretation is the main focus of much of the philosophical literature on the subject, and the aim of the conference is to examine the impact of judicial interpretation on the political framework in which it occurs and on our understanding of it, as well as to clarify the impact of this political framework on the interpretative calling of the judge.