Fundamental rights – justification and interpretation

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Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, 24-25 October 2014

Robert Alexy (University of Kiel), ‘Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Review’ • Pierluigi Chiassoni (University of Genoa), ‘Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion in a Constitutional State: Two Varieties of Conscientious Objection’ • Luka Burazin(University of Zagreb), ‘Solving Conflicts between Constitutional Rights’ • Kenneth Himma (University of Washington & Belgrade), ‘Compensating for a Legally Imposed Disability: Is There a Special Fundamental Right to Religious Freedom?’ • Lorenzo Zucca (King’s College, London), ‘Religious Freedom as a Global Problem’ • David Duarte (University of Lisbon), ‘Norm Structure in Fundamental Rights: From Addressees to Legal Positions’ • Biljana Đorđević (University of Belgrade), ‘Citizenship as an Expression of the Special Ties That Bind: A Right or a Matter of Qualification and Privilege? • Violeta Beširević (Union University, Belgrade), ‘Mission (Im)possible? Defending a Right to Die’ • Tanasije Marinković (University of Belgrade), ‘What Freedom for the Enemies of Freedom? – Trends in Banning of Political Organizations in Europe’ • Đorđe Pavićević (University of Belgrade), ‘Human Rights and Poverty’ • Stephan Kirste(University of Salzburg), ‘Individualism and Collectivism in the Foundation of Group Rights’ • Jasminka Hasanbegović (University of Belgrade), ‘Why Do We Need Fundamental Rights, Not Only in Practice, But Also in Theory?’ • Bojan Spaić (University of Belgrade), ‘Human Dignity and the Limits of Legal Interpretation’ • Miodrag Jovanović (University of Belgrade), ‘Human Rights – Between Universality and Culturally Sensitive Interpretation’