Program of Annual Conference

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International Conference

Interpreting Law – The Role of Judges in Contemporary Democracies

Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade

October 14, 2016

Conference Hall
9.00 The Opening Address
9.15-9.40 Brian Leiter (University of Chicago), The Roles of Judges in Democracies
9.40-10.05 Pierluigi Chiassoni (University of Genova), Is Realism Really at Odds with Constitutional Democracy?
10.05-10.30 Jasminka Hasanbegovic (University of Belgrade), Legal Identity of Judge Transformed: Images of Judge in Early Modern and Contemporary Democracy
10.30-11.20 Discussion
11.20-11.50 Coffee Break
11.50-12.15 Michel Troper (University of Paris X), A Causal View of Judicial Interpretation
12.15-12.40 Otto Pfersmann (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), On the Fundamental Distinction between Motives and Interpretation and the Consequences of Their Confusion – The Case for Strict Legal Scholarship
12.40-13.05 Tanasije Marinkovic (University of Belgrade), On the Distinction between Judicial Activism and Self-Restraint – European Perspective
13.05-14.00 Discussion
14.00-15.00 Lunch Buffet
15.00-15.25 Paolo Sandro (University of Salford), A Critical Evaluation of (Moderate) Realism in Law
15.25-15.50 Bojan Spaic (University of Belgrade), Legal Interpretation and Epistemic Authority
15.50-16.15 Luka Burazin (University of Zagreb), Rule of Recognition and Methods of Interpretation
16.15-17.15 Discussion (with coffee and refreshment)
End of Conference
17.30-18.30 Annual Meeting of the Serbian Section of the IVR (for Serbian participants)
20.30 Dinner

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