Belgrade Legal Theory Group Meeting: Ana Zdravković on the true scope of article 7 of the ECHR

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Inspired by great friends and colleagues from beautiful Lisbon (David Duarte, Pedro Moniz Lopes) we started the Belgrade Legal Theory Group within IVR Serbia. With a scope that is a little narrower then the scope of IVRSerbia, the group will gather our former students interested in legal theory and philosophy who went on to practice law or do research in other legal and philosophical fields, as well as those who chose legal philosophy as their main academic interest. We kick off things with a talk by Anna Zdravkovic, teaching assistant in International Public Law on the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade, PhD candidate, and practicing lawyer. The topic of her talk and her upcoming paper will be the positions of ECHR in regards of the “No Punishment Without Law” principle.

Our tool of choice for online events is Webex, and you’re welcome to join on Friday, 18:00 Belgrade time by following the link:… or by dialing 143 089 717 in the Webex Client.